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Reliable and Secure Storage

Our state-of-the-art storage facilities provide a reliable and secure environment for storing oil and gas products. With advanced monitoring systems, robust infrastructure, and adherence to strict safety protocols, we ensure the integrity and protection of your valuable resources.

storage facilities

Collaborative Networking

Engaging in collaborative networking with key industry players, including the Kazakhstani main port oil terminals, as well as the ports of Houston and Rotterdam, to expand our tank farm storage capabilities and optimize the trans-shipment of oil cargo.

The geographic focus of Crude Oil LLP encompasses all major Kazakhstani ports in the Far East, Black Sea, Baltic, and Caspian regions. Our company includes the two largest ports in Kazakhstan, Kuryk on the Caspian Sea and on the Baltic Sea, which positions us as a leader in the Kazakhstani market for the storage and trans-shipment of petroleum cargo. Furthermore, we are continuously expanding our presence, now offering tank farm storage services for crude oil and refined petroleum products in the following ports:

  • Port of Bautino
  • Port of Pavlodar
  • Port of Atyrau
  • Port of Kuryk
  • Port of Öskemen
  • Port of Semey

Our strategic partnerships and collaborations with key port terminals, such as those in Kazakhstan and renowned ports like Houston and Rotterdam, enable us to enhance our capacity for storage and efficient trans-shipment of oil cargo. This strategic positioning allows us to serve our clients with utmost professionalism and reliability, meeting their storage and logistics needs with excellence.

At Crude Oil LLP, we pride ourselves on our commitment to spelling, grammar, and professionalism in all aspects of our operations. We strive for readability, ensuring our communications are clear and concise, enabling our stakeholders to easily understand the value and advantages of working with us. Our persuasive messaging emphasizes our industry expertise, extensive geographic coverage, and the convenience of our tank farm storage services, designed to meet the diverse demands of our valued clients.

By choosing Crude Oil LLP you gain access to a network of strategically located ports, allowing for efficient storage and trans-shipment of oil cargo. Our focus on professionalism and reliability ensures that your petroleum products are handled with the utmost care, meeting the highest industry standards. Experience the convenience and expertise of Tenge Oil & Gas by partnering with us for all your storage and trans-shipment needs. Contact us today to explore how we can serve you and contribute to your business success.

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Crude Oil LLP is a leading company in Kazakhstan offering engineering services in the petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical industries. We specialize in a wide range of works for the oil and gas sector, including visionary and meticulously engineered tank farms, petrol stations, and manufacturing and installation of tanks (including RVS and RGS) with capacities of up to 65,000 m3 for storing oil, chemicals, water, vegetable oils, and other products. Our comprehensive services encompass project management, qualified engineering, supply of materials and equipment, utilization and processing of scrap, construction, and certification of facilities. We are also experts in the production of hot water tanks, tanks, vessels, and separators.


RUSSIAN PORTS: Novorossiysk, Novosibirsk, Primorsk, Vladivostok, Nakhodka (TANK FARM IN RUSSIAN PORT).



KAZAKHSTANI PORTS: Aktau, Bautino, Pavlodar, Atyrau, Kuryk, Öskemen, Semey.


At Crude Oil LLP, we take pride in having an in-house storage tank design team, setting us apart from other contractors in the industry. Our experienced team offers expertise in storage tank design according to industry standards such as API 650, API 620, EN14015, API 653, and EEMUA 159. We specialize in floating roof design, fixed roof design, storage tank assessments, failure investigations, design verification, tank repairs, tank jacking, structural design, mechanical equipment selection, relief valve sizing and selection, and hemispheroid tank design.


We manufacture our storage tanks in our workshops and deploy our highly skilled personnel to construct them on-site. Unlike larger engineering companies that often sub-contract storage tank construction, we provide direct contracting services, resulting in cost savings for our clients. With our extensive experience, we guarantee timely and cost-effective construction.

Our new build construction services include design and supply of new storage tanks, turnkey project handling, work scope specification, budget preparation, supply of skilled labor, management of sub-contractors, erection of welded heavy steel structures, installation of associated pipework and process plants, supply of tank roof seals and components, and term contracting. Our tanks range in capacity from 12,000 m3 to 65,000 m3, offering versatile solutions for petroleum, chemical, and oil and gas storage needs.


Our pipeline transportation system serves as a reliable and efficient means of transporting various substances, including natural gas, fuels, hydrogen, water, beverages, and petroleum. We employ highly trained specialists and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the safe injection and testing of fuel through our pipelines. Our rigorous testing procedures help identify and rectify any safety deficiencies, guaranteeing the utmost reliability and security of our pipeline network.